The shareholder of a Private Limited company may transfer its shares to any other existing shareholder of the company or any outsider if the existing shareholder are not willing to buy such shares.

Process of Transfer of Shares:

  • Make an application to the company for transfer of shares.
  • Make an application for splitting of share certificates, if required.
  • Receive the consideration for the transfer of shares.
  • Execute a Share Transfer Deed (FORM SH-4) between the Transferor (seller of share) and the Transferee (Buyer of Share) and submit the same to the company.
  • The company approves the transfer of shares by way of passing a board resolution.
  • The company shall then issue the share certificates and make entries in the register of members of the company.

List of documents and information required for transfer of shares:

  • Name of Transferor and Transferee
  • of shares to be transferred
  • Copy of the share certificates issued by the company.
  • Certificate of Stamp duty payment (Franking) on issue of share certificate.
  • ID (PAN) and address proof (bank statement/ electricity bill) of the transferor and transferee.
  • Contact No, Email Id and Occupation of the transferee.
  • Proof of payment of consideration
  • Copy of MOA, AOA and COI of the company.

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