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  1. Application for Trademark Registration on the basis of Public Search and class details
  2. After Application, we can use mark ™ with our brand name.
  3. Issue    of the Examination Report/Raising Department within 1-2 months .
  4. On receipt of objection, Filing of Reply with Trademark Department within one month. After Reply it may take around 8-9 months for Advertisement of Trademark.
  5. If No Objection is received, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued by the Trademark Department within 4- 6 months.
  6. Advertisement in Trade Marks Journal: On acceptance of Trademark, your trademark will be advertised in Trademark Journal. It will give a third party an opportunity to oppose the published trademark.
  7. Opposition of Trademark: If no one opposes the particular trademark within four months of its publication in Trademark Journal, then a trademark registration certificate will be issued within 6 to 10 months.
  8. If Opposition raised by a third party, the process of obtaining a certificate may extend to many more months.
  9. Trademark Registration: Approximate 6-9 month time period will be required to issue Trademark Certificate after publication of advertisement in Trademark Journal.


  • Copy of Aadhar card of all Proprietor/partner/Director
  • Contact Number and Email id
  • Trade description of Goods/Services
  • Date from which brand is used
  • Logo and Tagline, if any.
  • Service Address
  • MSME certificate (in case of LLP/Company)
  • Authority Letter (in case of LLP/Company)


Trademark is a brand or logo that distinguishes one’s product or service from others.Trademark can be a name, word, logo, tagline, symbol, image or a combination of these elements. A trademark identifies the brand owner of a specific product or service.

Trademark Registration is a process of registering a company’s brand. It is an intangible asset of the company.Trademark Registration plays a vital role in enhancing the business image and goodwill.

It secures the brand name and logo of the owner. It creates goodwill and reputation in the market.

Trademark registration is not mandatory. However there are many advantages of getting a trademark registration:

  1. Creates a brand’s identity
  2. Assist in enhancing the business image and goodwill
  3. Provides an exclusive right over the brand name and logo
  4. Enhances business opportunities
  5. Assures legal protection
  6. Protection against unauthorised use of your brand
  7. Gain profit from licencing your trademark
  8. Provides recognition to your products or services in the market.
  9. Builds trust and loyalty among customers
  10. Creates an intangible asset

No. However it is beneficial to have an msme registration for firms, companies and LLPs. There is a 50% discount in Trademark Application fees for companies having MSME certificate.

A Trademark registration is valid for up to 10 years. A renewal application of a trademark can be made within 6 months prior to the date of expiry. The maximum time limit for renewal of a trademark is after 6 months from the date of expiry. If a trademark is not renewed in this period, it will be removed permanently from the register of trademarks.

After applying for a trademark, you can use the mark “TM”. The mark “®” can be used once a trademark is registered. 

Yes. A logo or a brand name is secured under a specific class and the proprietor gets protection for the trademark under the class in which he/she has obtained the registration.

If any person wants protection of trademark under different classes then he shall obtain the registrations under the different classes separately.

Yes. If your brand name has already been registered, but under a different class you can apply the name in other class.

Trademark approval is entirely depend on the judgement of government/IPR authorities. However, if your trademark is unique, there are higher chances of approval.

A name, word, numbers, images and sound can be registered under trademark.

Individuals, firms, companies, LLPs, partnership firms can apply for trademark.

A trademark infringement is the illegal use of a trademark or service mark linked to goods and services.

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